Rebellion does not charge commission for purchases in a currency other than the euro. In other words, when you pay in another currency, all you have to do is choose to pay in the local currency at the payment terminal and pay with your Rebellion card.

If you were to choose Euro instead of the local currency, the exchange rate would done by the merchant and usually it is worse. When choosing the local currency, the exchange rate is done by Mastercard.

In this link you can see the exchange rate that Mastercard makes on its official website:

We have been able to detect that in the US it seems that many merchants do not accept prepaid cards such as Rebellion cards. We warn you in the event that you find one of these businesses, it is possible that the purchase cannot be made.

In the event that the purchase is online and in a currency other than the euro, Rebellion does not charge a commission and the exchange rate applied by Mastercard is applied. If you need information about money withdrawals outside of Spain, you can do so by clicking here

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