If you have the FREE plan, you will be able to withdraw money using your Rebellion account in two different ways:

  • Using your Virtual Card through Google Pay or Apple Pay, and using an ATM that has contactless technology available.

  • Using your material card at any ATM.

🚥 What are the limits to withdraw money?

The first thing you need to acknowledge is that your Rebellion account has certain limits. One of them, is about withdrawing money.

You will be able to withdraw a maximum of 750€ per day and 1.000€ per month with your Rebellion card. If you exceed this limits there is nothing we can do to extend them, you will need to wait until the new month starts. The limits restart on the 1st day of each month.

IMPORTANT❗️ Payments or top-ups to other wallets such as Binance, Revolut, Verse, Crypto, N26, etc*. are included within these limits. For example, if you make a 600€ movement to Verse, you will be able to withdraw up to 400€ from an ATM until the next month.

* The codes associated with this kind of wallets that are within the limits are: MCC 6012 – Merchandise and Services - Financial Institution from the customer; MCC 6051 - Quasi Cash - Merchant (Non Financial Institutions - Money orders in foreign currency (no bank transfer) and traveller checks); MCC 6540 - POI Funding Transactions (excluding MoneySend); MCC 4829 - Money Transfer (Money orders - Bank Transfer) y MCC 6010 (manual Cash Disbursement - Customer Financial Institution).

💸 Which is the commission for withdrawing money in Spain?

Withdraw money from an ATM of a typically known bank* within Spain or outside Spain but in the EURO zone (SEPA zone) is free up to 4 withdraws/month or up to a limit of 500€ per month.

If you reach the limit (from the 5th withdraw onwards) you will be charge a 2€ commission per withdraw .

IMPORTANT❗️ It is possible that the ATM shows you a message informing that they will charge a net commission, but the truth is that it will not be charged. In these cases, Rebellion will pay this commission for you.

* Keep in mind that this information is valid for ATM of banks like Santander, BBVA, La Caixa, etc. If you withdraw money from an ATM like the ones you can find at a shopping center, for example, and the ATM confirms that a commission will be charge, indeed it will be charged.

It is also very important to differentiate the NET commission and the ATM commission. The Net Commission is the one that Rebellion will pay for you. However, if you use an ATM that charges commission for the only use of the ATM, there is nothing we can do to avoid it.

🌏 If you need information regarding how to withdraw money outside Spain, please click here.

If you still have any doubt you can always contact the Customer Happiness team through the app or by email to support@rebellionpay.com

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