• What is phishing?

Phishing is a fraudulent method by which it is intended to obtain private personal information such as passwords or bank account information, in this case of the Rebellion account.

How can I be object of a phishing scam?

Most cases of phishing scam are distributed by advertisements published on pages such as milanuncios (job offers), by email or by WhatsApp, but social networks or phone calls can also be used.

Recommendations to avoid phishing

  • Do not register in the Rebellion application if a third party has suggested it to you by offering a job offer, since this is an application for personal use ⚠️

  • Use your own passwords, not those given to you by others.

  • Don't share passwords, bank details, etc. with third parties

  • Our promotions, raffles and emails come from our official channel @rebellionpay. Do not trust other profiles.

  • No Rebellion employee will ask you for your access password or your card details.

  • Before making a purchase, verify that the website has the address such as https: // and that it is the official website of the store.

  • Check that the connection to the website is secure.

  • If you sell something on the Internet remember that payments are made to the bank account. Don't share your complete card details.

  • Remember that you can block / unblock your card from the app at any time.

What to do if it is already too late?

If you have provided your personal data (card number, CCV, etc.) and are a Rebellion Pay user, please contact support at support@rebellionpay.com

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