Please bear in mind that Rebellion is a challenger bank that offers services to individuals, so that they can keep track of their expenses and carry out daily operations by giving them a personal use of their account. Here are some cybersecurity recommendations.

  • Remember that no Rebellion employee will ever ask you for your password or card details.

  • Do not sign up for the application if a third party has suggested it to you with a job offer, as this is an application for personal use and you may be subject to potential fraud or identity theft.

  • Be very careful with the information you share: passwords, bank details, personal details... Do not share data with third parties under any circumstances. It is possible that you could be harmed.

  • Before making a purchase, check that the website has “https://” in its address and that it is the official website of the business.

  • Also, check if the connection to the website is secure. Normally, the browser will warn you if the website cannot be visited securely or privately. To check the security of a website, on the left side of the web address, look at the security status: 🔒 Secure, ℹ️ Attention, or not secure ⚠️ Not Secure or Dangerous.

  • Avoid shopping using public Wi-Fi networks. A public Wi-Fi network is dramatically less secure than your personal, private one, because you never know who set it up or who else is connecting to it. The person looking at your phone at the next table could be a hacker spying on your internet activity.

  • Always try to use a card to shop as securely as possible. The card does not give the seller direct access to the money in your bank account, as you must enter a pin or security code before making a purchase.

  • Sometimes it is very common to see " fake offers", where you are offered a highly attractive or free product and are informed that you will only be charged for the shipping cost of the product. It is possible that this is a scam and not a legitimate offer or promotion. We advise you not to share or give out your bank card or Rebellion account details..

  • If you are selling something online, remember that payments are made to your bank account. Do not share your full card details under the pretext that payment will be made immediately.

  • Remember that you can block/unblock your card from the app at any time.

  • Our promotions and sweepstakes come from our official channel @rebellionpay. Never trust similar profiles.

These are some of the tips we recommend you to be protected.

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