In order for you and the person you have invited to receive the 5€ of the promotion for inviting a friend, please check that...

  • You have send the invitation from the app and have not resent the invitation. The links are personalized and only for one person.

  • Your friend has registered with the phone number you have sent the invitation to. If you have the wrong phone number, and your friend has not registered, the invitation will expire after 7 days and you will be able to resend it.

  • Your friend has registered within 7 days after you sent the invitation. If he/she hasn't, you will get the invitation back.

  • Your friend has loaded the Rebellion card with money, with at least 10€, in the following 7 days since you sent the invitation. Hurry up, because if your friend doesn't load, you will lose the promo.

If none of this has helped, please contact our Customer Happiness team by chat or by sending an email to

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