How much does it cost to buy or sell crypto?

For each transaction you make with your Rebellion account you will be charged a fee of 2% of the amount of your purchase or sale. The best on the market.

What are the limits when buying or selling crypto?


The minimum purchase is €15 and the maximum is limited to €3,000, for the sake of prudence, in the total amount of cryptocurrency purchases you can make per day. The number of transactions is limited to 10 purchases per day.


The minimum amount you can sell is €10. Please keep in mind that if you sell and fall below that amount, you will have to buy more cryptocurrencies until you reach €10 in order to be able to sell them again.

When selling, please remember that both the number of sale transactions and the amount you sell will impact your Rebellion limits. Therefore, we have extended your limits and you can now have a balance of up to €16,800 and receive up to 30 incoming transactions in your Rebellion wallet.

Number of sales transactions: these count towards your wallet's incoming transaction limit, which is 30 transactions/day. Transactions that count towards these limits are: selling cryptocurrencies, topping up your Rebellion wallet with a card, incoming transfers, incoming flash transfers and cashbacks.

Value in € of your sales that count towards various limits of your wallet:

  • Maximum daily and monthly top-up limit of €5.600—which coincides with maximum daily sales.

  • Maximum balance of €16.800

If your sale exceeds these amounts you can contact Customer Happiness to coordinate the reception of your funds.

How long does it take to complete a transaction?

The purchase or sale is completed in seconds. We send the purchase/sale and our supplier accepts it. Once you have "swiped to buy", you will not be able to cancel any purchase order.

What are the statuses of my purchase and/or sale?

Accepted, pending approval and cancelled.

  • Accepted: everything has gone smoothly and your transaction has been successfully completed.

  • Pending approval: our supplier is waiting to accept the transaction. You do not need to do anything, for the duration of this process depends on our supplier. During this status you cannot cancel the transaction. If it is a purchase, the amount will not change, if it is a sale, the number of shares sold will not be affected.

  • Cancelled: the order was cancelled by our supplier and could not be processed. You can check in your Rebellion wallet that the purchase amount has been refunded. In this case, you must start a new purchase process. The reasons may be the following:

Why has my purchase/sale been cancelled?

  • You have cancelled the transaction yourself.

  • You do not have enough funds to make the purchase.

  • There is not enough cryptocurrency available on the market to be purchased.

  • Your transaction has been refunded by our provider.

  • The service was not operational at the time of your transaction.

  • There is reason to suspect that your order was for an illegal purpose (e.g. to commit fraud) or there is reason to believe that your order could adversely affect our reputation or goodwill.

  • You don’t meet the mandatory requirements of either suitability or identity.

What currencies can I buy?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Stellar, Polkadot, Chainlink, Chiliz, IOTA, Uniswap, Aave, Ripple, Tron, Shiba Inu, Solana, Avalanche and Cosmos.

Can I lose all my money buying cryptocurrencies? Is there a risk of going into negative equity?

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky product. That is why you must be convinced that it is the right product for you. The price volatility of cryptocurrencies is very high and the price can fluctuate very quickly. As a result, the risk of the price falling and the crypto you hold becoming worthless (zero) is very high. But you can never go negative or lose the money you have in your Rebellion wallet that you have not invested.

Rebellion is not responsible for any losses that may occur if:

  • Our cryptocurrency service is unavailable.

  • We fail to meet our obligations under these terms and conditions due to a legal or regulatory requirement.

  • Unusual or unexpected events beyond our control occur.

  • Regulation relating to cryptocurrencies changes.

On the contrary, Rebellion will be liable for foreseeable losses if:

  • We fail to meet our obligations under the terms and conditions.

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