How can I set up a direct debit?

Paying your bills with Rebellion is very easy. Just enter your Rebellion IBAN as the payment method for the bills you have contracted for electricity, water, gas, internet...You can find your IBAN on your profile> Personal details.

What happens if I don't have enough balance?

When you make direct debits it is important to have enough balance to prevent receipts from being returned. We encourage you to configure automatic top ups so you don't forget. If you might forget it, remember to activate the notifications (go to your profile> Notifications) and we will send you a notification so that you know that it has not been possible to charge due to lack of funds, you can charge and so the receipt is paid on the second attempt.

What happens if my Rebellion card is blocked from my app? Can I be charged with a direct debit payment?

No. If you block your Rebellion card, no funds can flow out of your Rebellion account. Therefore, a merchant will not be able to collect payments from your account.

How can I return a bill?

You have up to 8 weeks to return a direct debit.

When you are inside the movement, you will see 3 dots in the upper right corner of the screen, if you tap on those dots you will see several options: "return receipt" or "report an error".

If "Return receipt" does not appear, it means that you have made that payment with a card and therefore cannot be returned.

If you click on "return receipt" you will have to select one of the reasons indicated by the application, once you select the reason, your request to return the receipt will be processed. The funds will be added to your Rebellion account within 48 business hours from the time you request the chargeback (Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days).

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