Use the payment links if you want someone to send you money easily and quickly. You can receive money from anyone, no matter what bank it is or what card he/she has.

If you need more information on how long it may take for the payment to reach your account, please read this article.

What are the characteristics of the payment links?

  • This service is free

  • Receive money from any bank instantly.

  • One link can be used to receive up to 5 payments.

  • The links expire after 72 hours.

  • The limit is a minimum of 1€ and a maximum of 500€ per week.

How do I use this system?

Make sure your app is updated and go to the Move Your Money, choose the amount, and press "order". There you can choose the payment link. Below you can watch a video of the process you must follow to send a payment link.

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