Our financial provider moves to Ireland to avoid being affected by Brexit, however this does not affect our service and conditions at any time. Your account and card will continue as usual.

Here are some answers that can clarify your doubts.

Is my IBAN number changing?

No. Your IBAN will remain the same as it was.

Does my card number change?

No. Your card number will remain the same as you had until now, both virtual card and material do not change.

Will I have to pay to cancel my account after 17th December? Do I have to pay anything for maintenance?

No, you will not have to pay anything for the maintenance of your account or your card. In Rebellion the basis of trust is freedom, so you can cancel your account whenever you want, totally free.

As you might already know, you can cancel your account directly from the app. You can visit this article for more info.

Are there any changes in the Terms&Conditions? How does it affect me?

There is no change in the Terms & Conditions to our users and it has no effect on them.

Regulatory conditions change for Rebellion as it previously operated with a company (PFS) that was located in the United Kingdom, and now this same company has moved to Ireland to continue working in Europe.

If I close the account, will you refund my money to the account I choose?

If you decide to close your account at Rebellion and you still have money left, you will need to withdraw the money to your bank account. This transaction, like any other bank transfer, is completely free.

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