Rebellion's scheduled load system has arrived. Enjoy this functionality by programming your account to automatically recharge according to the rule you choose.

How does it work?

Choose how you would like to schedule your Rebellion account to be automatically recharged with an amount greater than €10. You can choose from the following options:

  1. When your account balance is less than €5, €10, €20 or €50. This option allows you to choose a minimum load of €10 and a maximum of €200.

  2. Every Monday or every Friday. This option allows you to choose a minimum load of €10 and a maximum of €200.

  3. On 1st or 5th of each month. This option also allows you to choose a minimum load of €10 and a maximum of €800.

Just click on the + symbol of your app in the movement section and follow the steps. The only condition we ask is that the card you choose to automatically load your Rebellion account, you have used it at least once to load. Remember that you can always edit or disable this scheduled load system when you need it and that the first time you create a rule for security our system will ask you for the verification code.

Why, when I activated this system, was I charged a little less than one euro and then paid back?

To activate an Auto top-up rule you can only select one of the cards you have already registered, but in order for us to be able to start the automatic payments we need to verify the card.

As required by VISA and MASTERCARD all automated payments must have an identifier from when the user gave consent, for that we use card verification. Therefore the first time you create an Auto top-up load, if that card was not verified, a verification of 0 euros is made, but there are banks that do not accept the verification request for 0 euros, so in these cases our system automatically makes a load of 1 dollar in the corresponding currency (in our case euros, which at the exchange rate is that 0.84). This amount is then credited to the user's account.

How do I disable an automatic load?

If for any reason you wish to deactivate an automatic load that you have programmed, you must follow the following steps: "Add money" > "Automatic loading..." > "Trash basket icon" > "Delete".

Activate your automatic loads and spend without worrying about your balance whenever and wherever you want! 😎

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