What is a pending movement?

When you make a purchase in a merchant, you will see in the app that the icon of an ⏰ appears in the movement, this means that the purchase has been preauthorized. That's right, any purchase at a merchant has two phases: pre-authorization and clearing.

Therefore, the ⏰ will appear until the purchase is cleared. The clearing can take up to days and is usually successful.

The fact that the purchase is in the preauthorization phase does not mean that we at Rebellion can cancel the purchase since we are not authorized to do so. If you want to cancel a purchase, you must contact the merchant and they will decide whether to refund the purchase amount or not.

What is a reverse payment?

Payments that for some reason are refunded to Rebellion's account. For example, when you associate your Rebellion account as a payment method in an app, the app will check by debiting and crediting your account with a small amount. The deposit will appear in your account as a reverse payment.

Another example is if you make a purchase that is linked to a promotion, the refund they make to your account for the promotion will also appear as a reverse payment 🀠

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