Nowadays you can use your Rebellion account for all bank procedures that involve an income by transfer from another entity (with the exception of some rural savings banks, here is more information). Receiving bank transfers & direct debits are an advantage that you already enjoy if you are part of Rebellion.

For example, your company can pay your payroll, you can receive social welfare mutual aid (such as FREMAP), or payments from public entities (such as the return of personal income tax “IRPF” from your Income Statement). You can also receive MEC scholarships in the Rebellion account.

What banking procedures can't I do?

At the moment, your account is not prepared for procedures that derive directly from the Social Security.

The list of financial institutions collaborating with the Social Security system can be helpful.

You also won't be able to use Rebellion to pay the Personal Income Tax (“IRPF”), if the Income Tax Declaration has to be paid. Nor pay the self-employed/freelance (“Autónomos”) fee, because it also depends on Social Security.

We work tirelessly to make Rebellion a stronger, more powerful, more functional product so that Rebellion becomes your main account. From offering you the possibility of direct debiting your transactions to making it possible to link all kinds of state benefits to your account.

Have you given your Rebellion account number and your unemployment benefit hasn't arrived?

Contact us from the app chat or via email at and we will do our best to offer you a solution.

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