Hey Rebel, 

At Rebellion we’re very lucky to be able to continue working through these strange and testing times. Because we are a tech start-up (with experience being adaptable) our services haven’t been greatly affected by the situation. We will continue working for you, now 100% remotely. 

Since we’re working from home, and since we’re following all the recommendations set in place by the government, we’ve been forced to make some changes.  We’ll explain them below:

Phone assistance: At this time our Customer Happiness team has limited access to assist you on the phone. If you have any doubts, comments or concerns, please contact us through the app’s chat, where we will continue being active. Or, if you prefer, write us at support@rebellionpay.com

Do you have a DEMO account? We are sending the documents to activate Free accounts on Wednesdays so it may take a little longer than expected to arrive. In the meantime, you can continue to use your DEMO Account.

Less contact, more contactless:
Now you can make purchases up to 50 eur without your pin. 

Sync your card with your device:
Add your Rebellion card to Google Pay or Apple Pay. You can pay faster, easier and without touching anything!

→ Do you have an iPhone and still don’t have Apple Pay? Here we show you how to add your Rebellion Card to your wallet:

→ Do you have an Android device and still don’t have Google Pay? Here we show you how to add your Rebellion Card to your wallet: 

We’re here for you during these times, and we’re still giving it our all! Have you checked out our profile on Instagram? You can stay up-to-date with our promotions, news about our app, and participate in our challenges. Follow us!

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