The first step is to become a Rebel, which instantly gives you access to a virtual card with a card number, expiry date and CVV. 

Next, you can order your material card for free by clicking the material card button on the “Your Card” tab.

Below we explain the different phases your card will go through from when you your order it, till it arrives:

  • 6-7 days the card is manufactured 

  • 8-9 days till the card is shipped 

  • 3-4 days until you receive the card.

If after these 20 days you have not received the card, we recommend that you contact our Customer Happiness team via and they will review your case and find a solution. When you receive the card, simply click “activate card” in the app

Finally, it is important to know that the change from virtual card to material card will keep the same card number, account number and IBAN as your virtual card.

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