Next we're gonna give you some tips so that when you travel outside of Spain you know which ATMs charge commissions and which don’t. 

If you need to withdraw money from ATM within Spain please read this.

First things first: 

If you go to an ATM and you can choose between euros and the local currency, choose the local currency; this way Rebellion can do the exchange according to the MasterCard Exchange Rate. If you choose euros, the exchange rate will be determined by the cashier. Also, keep in mind that the fees Rebellion covers are network fees, not ATM fees.

Below is a list of banks that do not charge a commission, sorted by continent. The information in this list has been obtained from experiences that Rebellion users have shared with us and from experiences that users of prepaid cards from other neobanks different to Rebellion have had when withdrawing money from ATMs in different countries.

Rebellion is not responsible if a Rebellion customer is charged a fee for using the ATM as the information we have collected about getting charged or not at ATMs around the world may vary over time and depends on certain factors that we cannot control.

If you have any doubt regarding the commission of withdrawing money at the ATM, you can find it here.

You're more than welcome to text us by chat or write us at to help us update this list.

Also, we would also like to give you another piece of advice when you travel outside of Spain: take your material card with you. We know that there are countries where contactless is not accepted.

Finally, let you know that due to security reasons, specifically, fraud activities carried out in certain countries, we have been forced to block the use of Rebellion cards in the following countries: Nigeria, Benin, Ivory Coast, Togo, Ghana, Senegal, and Colombia. This means that you can use your Rebellion card without any problem in any country in the world except those mentioned.


  • Albania: No commission at Credins bank. 

  • Andorra: No commission at Andbank.

  • Austria: Bawag PSK, Tirol AG or Hypovereinsbank do not charge commission. Volksbank ATM and Erste-Bank does charge commission.

  • Azerbaijan: Yes, they charge commission but the amount is not fixed. It is possible to withdraw local currency (Manat) and dollars in all the ATM's, some of them also give Euro.

  • Belgium: No commission is charged.

  • Bulgaria: No commission is charged.

  • Croatia: Erste Bank (2018), Splistka Banka, Zagrebacka Bankca, hpb bancomat do not charge commission.

  • Cyprus: No commission are charged neither at Alpha bank (2019) nor in Helleniki (2019).

  • Czech Republic: Most ATMs do charge a commission.

  • Denmark: Nordea don't charge commission.

  • France: Societe Generale no commission are charged.

  • Germany: Don't charge commission at Sparkasse Köln-Bonn, Baben-Württembergische and Hypovereinsbank.

  • Greece: National Bank of Greece charges €2.60 for withdrawing €70. Alpha Bank charges a fee of €2.50 per withdrawal and Pireus Bank €3 per withdrawal (2021). Attica Bank charges a commission of 2 € if you withdraw 100 € and Cooperative Bank of Chania don't charge commission.

  • Hungary: K&H Bank y OTP Bank don't charge commission.

  • Iceland: ATMs usually charge a flat fee of 155-300 ISK. Tomato ATMs charge 180 ISL, more than 1%.

  • Ireland: Bank of Ireland (2018) and AIB – Allied Irish Banks (2017) don't charge commission.

  • Italy: Poste Italiane ATM, Banca Carige, Unicredit and Cariparma don't charge commission (2018).

  • Kosovo: BKT doesn't charge commission.

  • Latvia: ATMs do not charge a set commission. Examples are: Swedbank, SEB Banka, Citadele Banka and Luminor Bank.

  • Luxembourg: ATMs do not charge commission.

  • Macedonia: StopanskaBanka, Halkbank, Ohridska Banka or Sparkasse Bank do not charge commission. Most banks do not charge commission.

  • Montenegro: They do charge commission.

  • Netherlands: Rabobank, ING y ABN Amor don't charge commission

  • Norway: Don't charge any commission.

  • Poland: Santander, Bank Pekao and ATM Global do not charge commissions (2018).

  • Portugal: Multibanco don't charge commission

  • Romania: OTP Bank (2018), CEC Bank (2019), BCR (2018), Banca Transilvania (2019), BRD Bank/BRD-GSG Bank (2018) and ING (2018) no cobran comisión. don't charge commission.

  • Russia: VTB, Bank Orkitie, Sberbank (Сбербанк en ruso) and BIN Bank don't charge commission (2019).

  • Slovakia: Prima Banka, Unicredit, Postova Banka, VUB and Tatra Banka do not charge commission (2018).

  • Slovenia: ATMs do not charge commission. Avoid tourist ATMs like Euronet since they do charge commission. Abanka charges a commission of €4.

  • Spain: No commission is charged at ATMs of known banks.

  • Sweden: No commissions.

  • Switzerland: There are no set commissions at ATMs

  • Turkey: Yapikrendi, Teb, BBVA Guarantee, Bankamatik, Akbank, Denizbank do charge commission (2022).

  • United Kingdom: No commissions at major banks or Sainsbury's ATMs. Euronet ATMs do charge commission (2017).


  • Argentina: Yes they charge commission. The Link ATM network charges 350 pesos per extraction while the Banelco Network charges 600.

  • Aruba: Yes, they charge commission, between 3 and 6 USD.

  • Bahamas: They charge 1-3 dollars commission.

  • Belize: ScotiaBank don't charge commission (2018).

  • Bolivia: Banco Union (2018) and Caja Sol (2018) do not charge commission although it is recommended to carry cash because many banks do not accept cards. BancoFie does not charge commission (March 2019).

  • Brasil: Banco de Brasil does not charge commission (2018). Banco Bradesco does not charge commission (2020 and a maximum of 1,000 Reales can be withdrawn).

  • Canada: Scotia Bank doesn't charge commission and could be that neither charge commission at RBC, TD and neither at ICBC.

  • Chile: Yes commission is charged. In ScotiaBank doesn't charge commission except in the capital that seems to have started charging (2018).

  • Costa Rica: Banco Popular y BAC Credomatic they do not charge commission when withdrawing cash from the cashiers.

  • Cuba: It is complicated to withdraw money from the ATM. It is possible to go through the window with passport and card to withdraw money.

  • Dominican Republic: (2017) Jumbo ATM, Scotiabank and BanReservas do not charge commission. Mastecard is not generally accepted at ATMs.

  • Ecuador: Produbanco, Banco del Austro don't charge commission. Banks that charge a commission: Banco Bolivariano ($ 2), Banco Pacífico ($ 3), Banco Pichincha ($4,78) and Banco Guayaquil ($ 1.50).

  • El Salvador: Scotiabank doesn't charge commission.

  • Guatemala: All of the banks take some commission (between 32 and 52 Quetzales)

  • Honduras: Unibank (2018) y Banco Occidente don't charge commission.

  • Jamaica: Most of the ATMs charge a commission of 5 dollars.

  • Mexico: (2022) They do charge commission. In pesos: Bancoppel $18 (ATM available at Cancun ADO bus station), Caja Popular Mexicana $17, Banco Mifel $26, Citibanamex $30.84, Santander $34, Banorte $46, Cibanco $58, BBVA $174, Scotiabank $100.

  • Nicaragua: Don't charge commission at BAC Credomatic (2018).

  • United States: No commission charged by BB&T. Citizen Bank in Boston and the state of Pennsylvania apply a commission of €3.50. (2022) In New York: It is no commission at Banco Santander in NY at branches but at "loose" Santander ATMs they charge a high commission and the exchange rate is not good.

  • Panama: Yes they charge commission, and they are quite high (between 4 and 5.50 EUR). ATM's with "CLAVE" badge are the most expensive ones.

  • Paraguay: Yes, they charge commission (around 3,50 EUR).

  • Peru: Yes they charge commission. BCP, Banbif and Nation do not charge commission. BCP leaves up to 700 soles once a month. In the case of Nation there are 400 only once a month as well. BBVA is the most expensive one.

  • Puerto Rico: Yes, they charge commission, around $1,75 and 5$.

  • Uruguay: Banco de la República doesn't charge commission. Redbrou has the cheapest commission.


  • Belarus: Belinvestbank doesn't charge commission (2019).

  • Brunei: Standard Chartered doesn't charge commission (2018).

  • Buthan: Bank of Bhutan charge 300 BTN commission (around 3.50 EUR).

  • Cambodia: All ATM charges 5 dollars commission. MB Bank doesn't charge commission but is only in Phnom Penh.

  • China: Don't charge commission.

  • Georgia: Liberty doesn't charge commission.

  • Hong Kong: Don't charge commission.

  • India: Union Bank of India, Viajaya Bank, SBI (State Bank of India), RBL Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, BOB (Bank of Baroda), Kasturba and HDFC Bank do not charge commission. You can only get 10,000 rupees in each withdrawal and the operation of foreign cards is as follows: First you put it to the cashier, the cashier detects it, you take it out, you put the PIN and request the money.

  • Indonesia: Maybank, CIMB Niaga, Bank Central Asia (BCA) and Mandiri do not charge commission.

  • Iran: It is not possible to withdraw money, ATM's only accept iranian cards.

  • Israel: No commissions.

  • Japan: It is assumed that the 7-Eleven ATMs do not charge commission.Jordan: All ATMs are charged with or without notice (2019).

  • Jordan: Jordan Kuwait Bank doesn't charge commission. Other ATMs charge commission with or without notice (2019).

  • Kazajistán: Sberbank no cobra comisión y parece que en general no se cobra comisión en ningún cajero.

  • Kyrgyzstan: Demir Bank and Optima Bank don't charge commission.

  • Laos: They usually charge commission although Maybank does not charge. With this bank you can get up to 1 million kips for every time you take out money

  • Lebanon: The SGBL bank allows you to withdraw without commissions.

  • Omán: Bank Dhofar y Bank Muscat no cobran comisión.

  • Qatar: Bank of Qatar no cobra comisión (2016)

  • Pakistán: Se cobran 5€ por retirada.

  • Malaysia: They do not charge at most ATMs. Confirmed that they do not charge at RHB, BSN, Bank, CIMB Bank, HSBC and Maybank.

  • Maldives Islands: ATMs charge commission: 100 mvr (which is about € 5.00)

  • Mongolia: Khan Bank doesn't charge commission.

  • Myanmar: Yes they charge commission that varies between 5000 and 6500 MMK.

  • Nepal: No commission is charged at Kailash Bikas Bank, Everest Bank and Nepal Bank Limited.

  • Pakistan: They charge 5 EUR each withdraw.

  • Philippines: HSBC doesn't charge commission but you will only find it in Cebu and Manila. All other ATM's charge between 3€ and 4€ of commission.

  • Qatar: Bank of Qatar doesn't charge commission (2016).

  • Singapore: Yes they charge commission. OCBC and UOB do not charge commission.

  • South Korea: Shinhan Bank, KB Bank, Citibank, NH Bank and KB Star don't charge commission.

  • Sri Lanka: Yes commission is charged. NDB Bank in 2018 doesn't charge commission.

  • Taiwan: Union Bank of Taiwan, Cathay Bank and SinoPac do not charge fee.

  • Thailand: In most banks you go to the window, present your passport and let you buy baths by passing the card through a card machine and without charging a commission. An example of these banks is the Bangkok Bank.

  • Timor Lest: Some ATMs charge 3$.

  • Uzbekistan: They charge commission. Kapital Bank doesn't charge commission. In this country it is very difficult to get money from ATMs. What they do is that you go to a bank there and pay 101 or 102 dollars and they give you 100 dollars. It is recommended to arrive in the country with dollars. With euros too but the exchange rate is worse.

  • Vietnam: No commissions are charged at most ATMs. Cashiers that do not charge: Shinhan Bank, VietinBank, TP Bank, Donga Bank, Eximbank, VP Bank, Saigon Commercial Bank, HSBC, ACB and MB Bank.


  • Botswana: FNB doesn't charge commission (2018).

  • Congo: They charge a fee of 0,40% of the amount.

  • Egypt: National Bank of Egypt and Maca Misr do not charge commission.

  • Ethiopia: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia doesn't charge commission.

  • Gambia: It seems that all ATMs charge commission.

  • Guinea-Bissau: They don't charge commissions.

  • Green Cape: They charge commission. Maximum withdraw 180 EUR per day.

  • Kenya: Diamond Trust Ban, and Equity Bank do not charge commission.

  • Lesoto: They don't charge commission.

  • Madagascar: Some banks charge commissions and some not.

  • Malaui: They don't charge commissions.

  • Maurice: They don't charge commissions.

  • Morocco: BNP and BMCE do not charge commissions. BMCI airport 35 MAD. BMCI Marrakech does not allow funds to be withdrawn with the Rebellion card.

  • Namibia: Don't charge commissions. FNB ATMs do not charge commission.

  • Sao Tome e Principe: It is not possible to withdraw from ATM or use cards to pay at hotels or stores.

  • South Africa: Yes they charge commission, apparently a percentage with a minimum of about 30 ZAR (2-3 euros). It seems that Standard Bank doesn't charge commission.

  • Tanzania: KCB Bank Tanzania doesn't charge commission.

  • Tunisia: They don't charge commissions..

  • Uganda: They don't charge commissions except at Barclay's.


  • Australia: Yes they charge commission. Suncorp, Bank of Queensland and NAB don't charge commission. Neither do it charge ANZ, choose Savings. It is also possible to withdraw money from the supermarket: ask to add the amount you want to withdraw to your purchase, pay with your card and receive the money in cash.

  • Fiji: Most of the ATMs charge 10-15 FJD. ANZ doesn't charge commission.

  • New Zealand: Most ATMs do not usually charge. It is confirmed that Westpack, Kiwibank and BNZ do not charge commission but the maximum withdrawal is 300 NZD.

  • Tonga: ANZ Banskin doesn't charge commission.

  • Vanuatu: They charge commissions.


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