You can use Rebellion Pay anywhere except at tolls, self-service gas stations, some vending machines and all those services that have an offline payment method.

This is because these types of merchants do not charge the account at the time of purchase, but rather after hours or even days. Rebellion cards are prepaid and therefore require that charges are made at the time of purchase.

MoneySend transactions are also not allowed due to incompatibility with our service provider.

On the other hand, we have found that it is not possible with Rebellion to make purchases at the PIANNO 39 and DHGATE merchants. This is because these merchants do not use the MCC code supported by Mastercard in their list of merchant codes.

In this link you can find the MCC codes accepted by Mastercard:

If you have tried to pay in these merchants and have not been able to, you should contact the merchant to let them know this so they make the relevant changes.

Also, we know that the BET365 merchant sometimes does not accept prepaid cards. So if you try to use the Rebellion card in this merchant, you may get an error.

Finally, let you know that due to security reasons, specifically fraud activities carried out in certain countries, we have been forced to block the use of Rebellion cards in the following countries: Nigeria, Benin, Ivory Coast, Togo , Ghana, Senegal and Colombia. This means that you can use your Rebellion card without any problem in any country in the world except those mentioned.

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