At Rebellion there are limits to how much you can top-up. You can find all of our account limits in our Terms & Conditions.

Below we want to explain, with examples, what happens if you exceed them:

What happens if I make a top-up that exceeds the daily, monthly or yearly limit?

The payment will remain in suspension and will be paid in parts, until the total is reached. Every time the load limit is exceeded, you must inform us about it so we can deposit the suspended amount in your Rebellion account according to the established limits. This can be done by contacting our customer team through the intercom chat.

Example: You attempt to top-up € 7000 On the first day you'd get € 5000 and on the second day you'd get € 2,000. So the daily limits are not exceeded. Any amount that exceeds the monthly or annual load limit will also be suspended. If a load exceeds the monthly limit, the money will be paid the following month, as long as it does not exceed the annual limit.

All limits are reset daily, weekly, monthly and annually at 00:00 (every day, every Monday, on the 1st of the month and on January 1st).

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