Apple Pay is an easy and secure system used to make purchases in stores, apps and online with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. Rebellion uses NFC technology with your Apple device to allow for contactless payments. Allowing you to use the devices you always carry to pay in seconds.

Do you have an Android? Discover the benefits of Google Pay™ with Rebellion

Is Apple Pay secure?

  • With Apple Pay, you can make purchases with your Rebellion account in real time.

  • Every transaction requires TouchID, this helps prevent fraud and keeps your purchases safe

  • Apple Pay does not share nor store your card information on your device: you are safe every time you use it

How to start? 

From the Rebellion app

  • Click the card icon from the tabs bar

  • Hit "Add to Apple Wallet" 

  • We will set it up with your card data automatically

You are now free to use it at anytime. #StartingNow ⚡️⚡️⚡️

From your iPhone

  • Open the Wallet app and hit the '+' icon

  • Enter your card info and you're done!

For Apple Watch Users

  • Open the Apple Watch app from your iPhone

  • Select ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’

  • Hit 'Add Credit or Debit Card'

  • Enter your Rebellion card details & treat yourself!

Where can I pay? 

Apple Pay in stores

Apple Pay uses NFC technology from your phone and works in any establishment that includes the Apple Pay or contactless card symbol. 

Apple Pay in apps

Pay in applications and webs with your iPhone or iPad. Select Apple Pay as your payment method and confirm with Touch ID.

Apple Pay in Safari

Paying with your Mac on Safari is easy: select Apple Pay when you are making a purchase and complete it with your iPhone or Apple Watch. 

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