It is very important that you understand the difference between the PIN of your card and the four digits code you use to log in into your account.

The four numbers you use to access your account is your password or passcode; the PIN of your card is that you need to use to activate the contactless, make a purchase using the TPV or when you are withdrawing money.

How do I know which is the PIN of my card?

You can request and check your card's PIN pressing on the button "Check PIN" within the app. You can find it in the card section (the icon is at the bottom of the screen). We will send you the PIN via SMS.

Please note that for security reasons, you and only you can have access to the PIN, and this is only be sent through SMS. It is not possible to send it via email, and we cannot inform it to you through the chat or phone call either.

🌎 If you are outside Spain, you will need to activate the roaming to receive the SMS with the PIN.

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The PIN is the same for the material and virtual card?

Yes, the PIN of your card is the same for both the material and virtual card.

How can I change my card's PIN?

Currently it is only possible to change the PIN at Euronet ATMs (inside and outside Spain as long as you introduce the material card at the ATM since it is not possible to change the PIN using contactless) and in many of the ATMs outside Spain.

You can check the list of Euronet ATMs in Spain here:

If you still have any additional questions, please contact us through the chat or via email to

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