The verification process is an extra step in registering to Rebellion. Thanks to this, we can make sure everything is secure and prevent false documents and fraud. Essentially, it helps us protect our users.  All you need is your ID at hand and your beautiful face. We will ask you to take a selfie and a photo of the ID on both sides.

Here are a few hints to help you pass the identity verification without: 

  • Take the photos of your original non-expired ID (the system does not allow for other documents, photocopies, photos of a photo, or pictures of another phone or computer with the photo.

  • If your ID is about to expire within the next month, you won't be able to validate yourself. If this happens, please contact us through the chat or

  • Try to take these photos where there is light, on a dark flat surface (preferably black for greater contrast), without any reflections and the ID is in focus. 

  • Do not worry if the first try doesn't go well. You have 3 attempts. 

The verification system is automatic. Even if you send us your ID and data separately, we cannot manually do the process for you. 

Once the verification process is done, you can begin enjoying Rebellion. 

Below is a video where we explain step by step the correct way to pass the identity verification: 

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