Your IBAN is your account number, but with more power. It has 24 numbers and starts with ES. To see it, open the app, then to your profile and click on your name.

Is there any limitation to having a Spanish IBAN?

Our switch to a Spanish IBAN, has been approved so that it works without a problem with all the banks that operate in the Single Euro Payments however, for now, there are a few exceptions:Β 

  • If you make a transfer from Rebellion to some savings banks, the transfer will be temporarily blocked, and you will receive the money several days later.Β 
  • If someone tries to send you a transfer to your Rebellion Spanish IBAN from any of some saving banks it will give them an error and tell them that the IBAN does not exist.Β 

Sorry for this inconvenience, we are working to fix it as soon as possible.

Do I still have to use the BIC / SWIFT code for transfers?

We detect the BIC / SWIFT code automatically after you enter the IBAN, so do not worry.

For incoming transfers, it will only be necessary to add this code when the transfer is made from a non-Spanish IBAN.

What about the direct debit of my payments?

This change does not enable the ability for direct debiting of payments, but we are working on it so that it will be available as soon as possible. You can, however, get paid directly into your account (your paycheck, student scholarship, etc.).

Does it affect the tax authorities to have a Rebellion account?

If you are a Spanish resident and you have more than €50,000 in your account (which is impossible given our account limits!) on 31 December, you will have to declare it on model 720.

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