We're located in Madrid and we want people young and old to have access to a bank account however, we are not a bank. Like you, we don't like going to a bank branch, we prefer the ease of life being a managed by a few simple clicks on our phone. Forget the queuing, suits and paper waste, that is outdated. You have the control now: you can see your transactions in real time.

We offer the perfect card to make purchases online, physically or with your phone via Google and Apple Pay).  Of course, you can send regular bank transfers but what is cooler is the ability to instantly send money to other Rebels by Flash Transfer ⚡ All this and more as you can see here.

When traveling, we do not charge commission on non-Euro payments. You can also withdraw money from ATMs anywhere in the world without being charged (limited to a number of times per month). Here you can see which ATMs you can withdraw money from. 

And if you lose your card or forget it somewhere, all you have to do is block it from the app! Fixed! 

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