There are four ways to add money to your account:

  • With any other debit, credit or prepaid card (except American Express). We will ask for the amount and card information. Making top ups with a debit, credit or prepaid card is as easy as making a purchase on Amazon or Zalando. In addition, you can store up to 5 cards for future top-ups. To load your Rebellion in this way, you must press the "Add money" button. In addition, you can also schedule automatic top-ups, so you don't run out of money! You can find this option by also clicking on the "Add money" button and then on "Schedule automatic top-ups".

    Also note that in Rebellion you will not be able to load your account with cards issued in these countries or if you are in one of these countries: Afghanistan, Barbados, Belarus, Cambodia, Yemen, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Jamaica, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of North Korea, Myanmar / Burma, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Russia, Syrian Arab Republic, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

  • With payment link: Send a payment link to whoever you want (whether they are Rebellion customers or not) and in a matter of seconds you will receive the money. Click here for more information.

  • With a bank transfer to your IBAN (account number) 💳 Transfers to your Spanish IBAN will work without problem with all banks operating in the Single Euro Payments Area but... there are exceptions: some savings banks and. Click here for more information on this 

  • With Apple Pay or Google Pay. It’s that simple! Just select the option from the top up page and use any cards saved on your Apple or Android device to top up

Can I deposit money using an ATM? At the moment you cannot deposit cash into your Rebellion account at an ATM. A quick hack: You can deposit money at an ATM to another account and then make a transfer to Rebellion.  

Can I top-up my account with a gift card of Google Play Store? No, it is not possible to charge your Rebellion account with a gift card.

Can I top-up my account with Paysafe? No, we are not yet compatible with Paysafe and it is not available as a charging method.

We are working hard to offer even more flexible ways to load money into your account. Stay tuned for more news, and let's burn some cash!

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