We guarantee a secure service and serious control of the information you provide us with. This is our security strategy: 

We use 256-bit TSL encryption for our website and all communication and database services: The same level of security that the most popular banks use. 

Our provider is Prepaid Financial Services (Ireland) Limited. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates and authorises the activity of Prepaid Financial Services Limited as an Electronic Money Entity with registration number 900036.

Your Rebellion card is issued by Prepaid Financial Services (Ireland) Limited under a license from Mastercard® International Incorporated.

Rebellion is not a bank but an Electronic Money Institution regulated at the European level, and authorized to take deposits from customers throughout Europe. Rebellion's clients' funds are segregated in Rebellion's accounts. This means that if the company were to go bankrupt, for example, the funds in the clients' accounts would be shielded so that Rebellion would not be able to access these funds, but the clients would be able to withdraw these funds.

We verify the login and registration by SMS. So only you can access the application from your mobile phone.

We are GDPR compliant, so the information you provide us follows Spanish regulations, which are some of the strictest regulations on user privacy and data protection today.

We use the most secure infrastructure of Amazon AWS to host our services on the cloud. Our databases are managed and we balance the load as needed so that you never run out of service.

We back up regularly so that our systems do not lose information.

We are constantly adding features that enhance the security of our service. 

Our personal commitment: to offer you total security.

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